Recently I’ve had this annoying unsatisfied feeling hanging around. I feel like I’m stuck in a rut (again), trying to get ahead but always being pulled back. And somehow at the same time I’m feeling restless but apathetic.

I’ve been reading FIRE blogs and I guess the idea resonates with me. Maybe I’m just romanticising the freedom that comes with it. I think if I could just reach the stage where I don’t have to work because I need to… but can because I want to. Playing around with the calculators all put me around 11-12yrs away. I just don’t know if I can remain stagnant here for that long. I mean I’m good with the heads down and charge forward but every now and then something ends up shitting me. And I want to be a hermit again and not have to deal. Which doesn’t really work if you’re on a schedule.

Some days I wonder what it’ll be like to just throw it all in and do something crazy. Then the responsible part of me smacks me in the back of the head and tells me to grow up. Can’t win…

And when I get frustrated with life I get annoyed at everything in general. And at the moment that’s the mess surrounding me. So a few yrs ago I put up this:


Seemed a good idea at the time. Increased the privacy a bit and seemed neater. Well it didn’t stand up to the test of time. Most of the wire holding the reed fencing together was starting to rust which means whole sections would break down in windy storms. And the sections in the sun bleached and looked blotchy. Then there was the amount of junk that got caught up behind the reed fencing and between the balcony walls. Finally pulled it all down, chucking it out is going to be another matter entirely. I threw half out but it doesn’t exactly fit in the bin.

Then I ended up with this giant pile of crap I had to sweep up…


Like I said… mess… annoying… But at least it’s all gone now. Still need to rethink the balcony idea. Obviously reed fencing isn’t the solution although for about two and a half yrs it did ok. I just need something easy, non permanent and not ugly. Perhaps I’m asking for too much.


New Year

Time flies as they say. I have no idea where 2015 went. It feels like I haven’t done anything all year. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had a holiday and gone anywhere. Maybe I’m just tired out from all the drama in the past 12 months.

Well new year and new start eh? Time for a whole pile of useless resolutions. You know what? Not gonna bother this year. I never follow through on plans anyway. Keeping the expectations low…

Like my attempt to plant food…


Yep that retarded thing on the left is what happens when I attempt to grow my own cucumbers compared a normal looking one on the right. Like cmon… really?

Anyway we’ll see how the tomatoes turn out next. At least if they end up pint size then they can just be cherry tomatoes instead. See… low expectations.

So I’m all good if 2016 turns out rather quiet. Actually I would be glad for a  quiet year. I need a break from crazy. Here’s to the new year.

Shower Saga Over

Well I kid… but the really annoying shitty part is over.


Progress. This was an entire day of scraping silicone out of grout joins. Apart from dead arms and a dead back, it looks like nothing is different. But trust me, being able to actually see the crumbly old grout under that silicone is a godsend. Coz the getting rid of grout is so much faster. Given I’ve had practice with the dremel. After being snowed under by grout dust again, it was regrouting, then waiting for that to dry, then resilicone.


Tada! Pretty shower. Just don’t look too closely at the damn old silicone that just won’t come off. Potentially if it was MY shower I’d probably get every last bit off even if it took me another whole month. Victim of OCD. But it this case it just needs a coat of sealer in a few days when the silicone is cured. Oh and the pieces to be put back together again. Simple… now let’s see what can go wrong.

I found a bunch of old bed slats at parents.


Which meant I went and bought this…


online… without knowing how big it was. So umm yes, I’m not sure where in my apartment it’s going to live. And I’m sure it’s going to be a bitch lugging it up the stairs. But it’s awesome. It cuts like butter, just ignore the cliche. But man, me normally taking about 20mins to saw through a piece of wood takes less than a minute. It’s noisy as hell but hey, expected that.

In other news, guess who’s turning one?


The little monster is growing up. What else can he destroy now? Well no chance of that in a week. I’m flying out. Poor little guy will be boarding all by his lonesome self. I’m sure he’ll live. There’ll be plenty of chicken to get spoilt on. Damn thing better not get fat by the time I get back.

I think my brain’s already switched off into holiday mode. Not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing. Probably bad since I still need to get up early for work tomorrow.

Living On A Budget

Otherwise known as being a tightass. Maybe it’s just something ingrained into me since a kid. Just because you want something doesn’t mean you get it. Which is why it just annoys me when people who live pay to pay complain they’re broke, and yet still have fancy new phones and buy lunch everyday. Just because I’m a cheapskate doesn’t mean I live on instant noodles and tuna. Ugh… tuna. If it’s one fish I can’t stand cooked/canned it’s that. Anyway off topic. It’s all about working your dollar further.


You just gotta know when to shop (ignore the best before dates as this post is a few days late). Meat tastes fine after freezing as long as you cook it properly after you defrost it. So stock up on things when they’re marked down and you’re good to go. I’m trying to remember the last time I bought meat for full price. I think it would’ve been bacon and only cause even on special at the big two supermarkets, it’s still not as cheap as the nearby butcher for full price. And I love me my bacon.

To me it’s a simple concept. Money out being less than money in means savings. Not quite sure why it’s so hard to grasp for the majority of people. Same can be said about people stuck on losing weight. Unless you have a medical problem, calories in less than calories out means you lose weight. So either eat less or get off your ass or both. But that opens a whole other tin of non-PC worms.

Besides, being stingy in certain areas means you can splurge in others. To an extent. Like buying new toys.


So I suppose not everyone gets excited over kitchen appliances. But this thing is awesome. It means I can throw shit in and leave it instead of constantly checking on it over the stove and needing to stir or add water. And considering I got it for something like 40% off the RRP, it’s a bargain in itself.

That and an Ikea Expedit are the latest big purchases. For some reason I just got pissed off at almost hitting 7 months of being here and my books are still in boxes. Waiting for me to get shelves done would’ve taken god knows how much longer so I just bit the bullet. Though now I have no excuse to be lazy and need to actually unpack the last of my stuff.

My Cat Is An Ass


Someone found my shortbread and dragged it onto the floor so he could rip off the plastic. And then play with the plastic under the coffee table. Ass.


And then he just falls asleep and well you can’t stay mad at that face. I mean he has been an awesome cat so far. He’ll high five for some chicken, he submits to all sorts of squishable hugs and torture, and he’s entertaining when he walks around talking to himself. Although sometimes it sounds like he’s hurling some creative verbal abuse at me.

Oh, Sherlock, life would be dull without you. Even if it means teeth marks on my cables and random socks dragged all over the place.

Sick Again

It was coming. At least it’s just a damn cold this time and not that killer flu that flattened me last year. Still… it’s bloody inconvenient. The sore throat is gone, the sinuses are mostly clear, just the odd sniffle left. It just throws a damn wrench into the works. Sawdust and runny noses just don’t mix. Ick…

So instead of doing anything productive, I made this out of three spoons of self raising flour, two of sugar, a giant one of nutella since I have no cocoa powder, an egg and a dash of milk and oil.


Microwave mug cakes just look damn attractive don’t they? Well when you can’t be bothered ducking down to the shops for cake and don’t have enough ingredients for a normal one, this will do for a fix. Add some ice cream and you would never know it was ugly.

But seriously I have so much crap to do and this cold has made it impossible to be motivated.

To do:
* still have the last chair and table
* clip up tv antenna cable along skirting so cat doesn’t think it’s a toy
* shelves for that bookcase I still haven’t gotten around to
* cleaning and painting my milk crates which are still sitting in a tower next to my door
* changing the curtains to the balcony

Let’s see if I can get any of this done by Easter.

Cone Of Shame


Oh the cone of shame is so very entertaining. The little guy had his balls chopped off yester. He didn’t really need an e-collar. I just threw one on him so I could chase him around with the camera. Sadistic urges satisfied, he’s free again. Sigh, the little boy is all grown up. Well halfway there. He’s big thumping 3.5kg and maybe about 5 months. Hopefully he peaks at around 5kg. Otherwise, he’s going to get awfully heavy to lug around.