Ouch and Dr Color Chip

So there’s nothing that feels like such a stab in the guts as finding scratches on your pretty new car. One month in and wham. Just kill me now…

Well after my breakdown, I started my research. Do I pay someone to fix it? Do I do a DIY in case I get more scratches? Will I be happy with the outcome? Rationality won out. Let’s try a DIY and if it still really bugs me in a few months I’ll get it fixed. Meanwhile still stewing about it. I just can’t have nice things sigh…

From what I’ve seen, this one seemed to have decent reviews and less likely to turn out looking like utter crap. And believe me I’ve seen some horrid DIY patch ups. Colour match was good. Paint was easy to apply, if anything it maybe dried a little too quickly. Or I just assumed being in the middle of freezing winter, it was going to take a bit longer to dry. The three tiny brushes were handy, probably should’ve started with the smallest one instead of ending up colouring outside the lines so to speak. I liked the apply and wipe off approach, although you do lose some gloss on the new finish. I’m guessing once the paint cures and you apply a wax it will all even out.

So far it’s still obvious under certain light. I guess I’ll give it a few days before a wash and wax and see where we end up then. Something tells me the OCD in me is still going to have a field day staring at those spots… I swear to god if another van boxes me in I’m going to bloody lose it. Goddamn useless Sydney drivers. Need to get half of them off the roads. And the fun begins with school zones back into play yay…


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