New New Lappy

I’ve been itching for a new lappy for a little while now. It’s not that I really needed one although the current one’s battery life left a fair bit to be desired for. And I think there were issues starting with the wireless card – every now and then it required a restart to pick up the wifi internet. Mild annoyances but nothing crazy.

Then Ebay decided it wanted to do another one of its 20% off sales. Has Ebay had any breaks from sales in the last 2 years? Coz it sure feels like it’s constantly having one. Shouldn’t complain though… Well I got myself another Asus.


Pretty packaging – tick. I was a little worried there when I was opening the slightly boring/ugly exterior box, didn’t realise there would be another box inside it. Have to hand it to Asus for packaging, they do a good job.


It’s pretty bare bones on the inside though. Power adapter and USB to ethernet plug. No manuals… I mean I know we’re all about saving the trees and all but there’s just something different about being able to physically flip through a booklet. Scrolling a PDF ain’t the same thing. No microfibre cloth which I thought was odd as every other Asus laptop I’ve had came with one, including the refurbished unit. There is a basic laptop sleeve which is a practical inclusion.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Asus, hence the 4th lappy from them. First one was a 12incher I had for years and only upgraded to a bigger screen though towards the end one of the keys kept coming loose and had to keep popping it back into place. The second was the only one to completely die so I hacked it to pieces afterwards. Third one had a hard drive failure but was under warranty so after replacing the drive it has been smooth sailing since. And given it was refurbished to start with, these three and a half years were good ones. Now it’s time to start a new relationship.


There’s just something aesthetically pleasing about Asus. The zen circle pattern on the top, the large smooth touchpad and this time rounding off with the backlit keyboard. Things I miss going from 14″ to 13″ is no dedicated page up and down keys. And having the function key on the other side of keyboard away from the arrows requires two handed navigating. Smaller text is the other issue, playing around with resolutions and adjusting text size is tricky as things get unpredictably fuzzy. I’ll eventually work it out…

The mineral grey has a slight purplish hue which I’m appreciating more and more. The gold/brass coloured hinges are still growing on me though. At times they do seem a bit flamboyant but it’s a unique look. Still nothing compared to their royal blue lines. I may get tempted in a few years. Especially when minimal bezels become more mainstream and I can go back to a 14″ without sacrificing portability.

Only petpeeve with the Zenbook Flip is the sides and bottom of the chassis aren’t 100% flush.


It’s not the entire border, and it’s less than 0.5mm but still… Just one of those things to live with I guess given everything is mass produced these days. Overall I’m happy. Brand spanking new lappy around $1.3k. I’ve just got to stop splurging now. First new tablet, now new laptop. Alright spending embargo… at least for the next few months…