Another year eh?

By all accounts it was a good one this year. I got some peace and quiet. Sure I had the parental obligations but apart from that, I got my summer hibernation.

Sydney is really too hot for turkey. But I just had to do it. My first turkey roast ever.


Pretty good for a first attempt I reckon. Though now I’ve come to the conclusion I really don’t dig it that much. And it has nothing to do with dad’s salty but otherwise tasteless rolls of meat he gets from the supermarket every year. Turkey is actually that tasteless. I skipped the brining so at least I’m not dying from sodium overload. Jointing a turkey seems easier than a chicken, but the connective tissue is tough. Not a fan. And the weird thing is I never realised there was such an obvious distinction between light and dark meat on a turkey. Chicken is much more subtle.

So the past few days have been either cooking, eating or dreaming about food. I dreamt someone made a salmon sashimi cake and damned if I didn’t want it when I woke up. It’s not as gross as it sounds. Just a whole heap of salmon arranged into a round cake shape. Man to have that much sashimi… *drooling*

Apart from food I managed to snag myself an early xmas present a few weeks ago. Gotta love them Black Friday sales from across the seas.


Such a fancy box. The device isn’t half bad itself. But man the bargain price… about US$250 inc shipping. Sorely in need of a tablet upgrade for a while. 1.5gb of RAM just doesn’t cut it these days. Especially when you have multiple tabs open on Firefox. The damn thing just keeps crashing.


I think my main petpeeve with all the 8inch tablets these days is hardly anyone does 16:9 screens anymore. I want to hold it properly in one hand damnit. That and bezels. The fact that this one has thin ones makes it perfect. The screen is nice and sharp. The fingerprint sensor is a novelty, my phone still doesn’t have one. Great speakers. Awesome battery. Only thing that annoys me is EMUI but nothing a new launcher won’t fix. I haven’t gotten around to rooting just yet. Can’t decide if I want to go down that route or not. These days since most things are customisable it’s becoming less and less relevant. The perks of having control and managing backups still has me on the fence. But more so for a phone than a tablet so I guess I’ll see when I upgrade the phone.

Have to put it the Huawei. Maybe it was prejudice but I never did expect to see something of this quality. Still can’t get over how well put together the box is. Though it did take me forever to find the screen protector.


Seriously, of all places you snuck it there? Well it was a pretty good hiding spot I have to admit.

So now all that xmas-ey stuff is over. Only a couple more days until the end of the year. Yay? I haven’t decided yet…


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