Spring Or Summer?

This crazy weather has done my head in again. It’s cycling between warm and hot, humid and gusty, scorching and stormy. Can’t the weather just be mild and sunny for once? Too much to ask for apparently.

Still anything is better than cold and freezing. I’m slowly emerging from my cocoon, shedding the layers of blankets and clothes, being able to feel my toes. Getting sunburnt – which I suppose would be one of the other cons of this time of year. But c’mon glorious vitamin D…

The stupid winds lately have been tearing up my balcony. That reed fencing won’t live another 12 months I don’t think. It’s randomly breaking in sections. The plants for the most part have been a bit hardier. Although now I know what happens when you try and plant sweet potatoes in flower pots.


Haha mini sweet potatoes…  I haven’t quite worked out what to do with them yet. Maybe I’ll just bung them in the oven. I’m assuming they’re edible. Might have another go another time in a bigger container. Though the plants themselves are caterpillar magnets which is bloody annoying.

I’m going to re-attempt my windowsill herbs again. Last time they ended up all gangly and falling over which sucked. Hopefully this time if I remember to water them more frequently they might turn out ok. Here’s hoping… Maybe in a few weeks I’ll have some pretty photos of more green things…