Is it still called a harvest when you get produce one at a time? The tomatoes are slow at ripening. And the plant I think is dying from the crazy high 30s temp we’ve had recently. I’m trying to remember to water often but hey who has time for all that? Obviously not me who keeps making excuses. But look…


I did get something. And aren’t they so cute… Must say having better luck with the strawberries. They seem to cope better with some neglect. Even watering every few days I’m getting a whole heap of flowers sprouting up.


The strawberries coming out aren’t huge. Nor are they super sweet. But they do pack a punch with flavour which is awesome.


Check out that nice blush. It is a bit slow collecting as I’m getting one every few days. Definitely not at a rate fast enough to make anything out of it. Hopefully the next batch of flowers will fruit at the same time. Not that things ever do what I want. Take for instance the sweet potato I was going to bake.


Umm ok then… sure go nuts sprouting. Figured I may as well take advantage and chuck a few eyes in a pot. Not quite sure how sweet potato grows in pots. I’m guessing not that well considering my pots ain’t that big but gotta be better than nothing I suppose. Apparently the leaves are edible so there’s always that.

For some reason I though herbs would be easy to grow. I’m not sure if it’s the heat or me forgetting to water but they don’t thrive. They sprout up for a bit, grow a few cms and then nothing. The basil is doing a bit better than the coriander and parsley but not by much. Sigh, I suppose on that note I should go and water something.