Growing Stuff

So since the last post I’ve been trying not to kill things. But I think the crazy heat fried the cucumber plant plus I had these little mite thingies that demolished all the leaves so yeah, I give up on cucumbers. On the plus side I have strawberry flowers!


I guess time will tell if I get berries. I think I got a single berry last year. Though at least the plant made it through winter and it’s still alive. And I got it for something ridiculous like $2 because someone marked it as “potted colour” instead of strawberry plant.

The tomato plant is sprouting like crazy and then I spotted this.


I really did not need presents. Especially not in the form of caterpillar poop. It does actually look kind of gross. This is coming from someone that normally extends out the 3 second rule to about half a minute and half the time can’t be bothered washing hands before eating. Well I washed my hands today.


I spotted the cheeky bastard hoeing into my leaves. Well he was one of two. Both got to keep their stash of leaves as I snipped them off and threw them over the balcony. Go eat someone else’s tomatoes. But talk about perfect camouflage, took a while to find even though I knew it had be somewhere above the droppings. I suppose him moving around a nibbling on the leaves helped to give him away.


They’re tiny and green at the moment. They haven’t really changed in size for a week. I wonder if I’m going to have a chance to eat them before something else does. Or the plant dies. Or god knows what. Meh I’ll just call it practice for when I eventually get it right. Trying for some more rocket and spinach as well. Since I kind of forgot to water the last batch enough. I’m hoping if I sink terracotta pots into a tray with a few cm of water it can kinda self water for a while. If not I’m buying a bag of rocket and spinach leaves from the shop.

So far 2016 is shaping up to be ok.


New Year

Time flies as they say. I have no idea where 2015 went. It feels like I haven’t done anything all year. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had a holiday and gone anywhere. Maybe I’m just tired out from all the drama in the past 12 months.

Well new year and new start eh? Time for a whole pile of useless resolutions. You know what? Not gonna bother this year. I never follow through on plans anyway. Keeping the expectations low…

Like my attempt to plant food…


Yep that retarded thing on the left is what happens when I attempt to grow my own cucumbers compared a normal looking one on the right. Like cmon… really?

Anyway we’ll see how the tomatoes turn out next. At least if they end up pint size then they can just be cherry tomatoes instead. See… low expectations.

So I’m all good if 2016 turns out rather quiet. Actually I would be glad for a  quiet year. I need a break from crazy. Here’s to the new year.