The Tap Situation

Jeez, so I’ve just hibernated for the last 3 months. Apparently so… well I am truly thankful for the warmer weather even if it does decide to randomly drop 10 degrees for no good reason other than the fact I put away my warm clothes. And once I pull them out we hit mid 30s again. Rinse, repeat. Still better than perpetual cold.

Also perpetual is/was the leaking kitchen tap for oh I don’t know, at least the past year and a half ongoing.


The chux wipe and all its incarnations have been permanent fixtures draped around the base of the tap. Why? Well the tap was stiff and water was just starting to bead at the join where it turns. So sometime last year I decided to change the filter to fix it. And apart from the fun of tearing the tap apart that didn’t accomplish anything. With time, the beading just got worse to the point where water would pool at the base. At least the chux wipes redirected any extra water to flow back into the sink. Instead of floating around on the bench around the sink. And I could kind of pretend the wipe was just there drying after I cleaned the kitchen… constantly… Yeah, or not.


Taadaa… new tap. Only took me about an hour to pull out the old one and install the new. Most of which was comprised of swearing at the goddamn sink and how much in the way it was. For some reason the shelf under the sink is non adjustable. Which means my head and shoulders have to squeeze through a tiny gap so I can bend my arms up to fix the bolts. Not easy when my arms don’t actually bend in that direction. Or when all my tools are big and bulky and the handles keep hitting the side of the sink. Coupled with the fact I can see jack all in the only position physically possible underneath the sink… well yeah… swearing. And dented heads. But hey, new pretty tap. Woohoo…

Now all that’s left to do this year would be putting some goddamn transition trim between the boards and carpet outside the bedrooms and getting the rest of the skirting in this area down. My excuse so far is wanting to find something 5cm wide due to the damn unhelpful doorway design so I don’t have to recut the boards to push the trim further into the rooms. Only problem is I’m not sure this stuff exists. Hence, it’s in the too hard basket at the moment. Meh, who needs trim. I’ve done without it for two years…

Also left on the list is attempting to make the balcony useful. I’m not sure how the growing things to eat in pots is going since I seem to have a bad track record with plants. In that… they die. So far random green things are sprouting. Fingers crossed for a harvest.