Hibernating With Onions

Hibernating… so hibernating… I would never survive anywhere that had temps in single digits longterm. Hell I can’t even stand it for the several weeks of really cold winter. I can barely stand “mild” winter. God, I’m hopeless. If I’m ever rich, I vote changing hemispheres every 6 months. Or just have in floor heating. Like I get how pretty snow is but oh my god, if I ever had to deal with a season of it, I’d rather literally hibernate. As it is, when I’m not working I’m spending almost 12hrs in bed. I have a massive pet peeve with not being able to feel my toes and fingers. So bed means from neck down I’m warm and toasty. At times when I feel like suffocating, my head is also warm and toasty.

So yeah, currently I either stay under a blanket, near the heater or keep the stove on. And since I ended up with a kilo of onions it seemed like the right time to huddle over the stove for about an hour.


Who knew that a bunch of boring white onions could turn into something that smells and tastes so damn good?


I guess all you have to do is add the word caramelized in front of anything and that makes it awesome. But it’s true. I may or may not have gone through half the jar in a week. Makes the kitchen smell real good too. At least now I know what to do the next time I find buying a bag of onions is cheaper than just buying two of them. Which is kind of the same problem I’m having with tomatoes as well. I suppose a pot of bolognese is in order. Maybe the next time I’m in need of warming my hands.


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