Peanut Butter Pie

To whoever first thought about putting peanuts and chocolate together, thank you. You are awesome.


And to whoever doesn’t love the peanut choc combo, well you’re missing out. More for me. I picked up a pie dish just cause it was on sale. So naturally I had to make something in it to justify buying it. Unfortunately I don’t really have an excuse to justify eating it. Well I didn’t eat all of it by myself. I did share.

Though soon it’s going to be more hot pie weather. Dreading the end of autumn. Mid autumn is cold enough thank you very much. Can’t quite work out how I’ll survive winter. Yes melodramatic much. I survived last year, no reason not to survive this year. And end of daylight savings has made it marginally easier to get up when it’s not dark in the morning. Though that’ll change over the next few weeks. Why is hibernation not a legit lifestyle choice?

I really should learn not to complain about winter. Considering I do it every year. Bad habits die hard I guess. Only good thing about winter is the snuggling in bed part. Everything else just plain sucks. Well, maybe a hot apple pie don’t suck that much. One can keep dreaming…