Pretty Balcony

P1030882 P1030883

Taadaa! Ok it’s not that great but it’s a step up from ugly crumbling concrete. After 2 days of hacking through reed screen I managed to get it all up. Oh and that was fun on a semi breezy day. Trying to wire things up while bits of screen keeps falling down makes things run so smoothly. And look the table I built last year! It’s still a bit rickety even with the braces on the legs but hey it’s functional. And doesn’t look half bad so I’m doing ok for an amateur.

Currently I’m trying my hand at growing some things. Given my black thumb it’s more a case of seeing how quickly things start to die. There’s the dwarf lime tree in one corner which has stopped growing over the past month. Still looks green and perky so I’m not panicking yet. Some new leaves or branches or something might be nice at some point though. Then there’s the passionfruit plant I picked up out of the clearance section at Masters the other day. Fingers crossed that one takes. I planted some herbs in that rectangular pot on top of the air con unit so it’ll be a while until those come through. But the random lemon seeds I put in a few wks back look really good. Not sure exactly what I’m going to do with them but we’ll see. And I thought the mango seed I buried would be dead by now but digging through the soil it looks like it has sent out a tap root. Just no growth coming up. Maybe I’ll give that another month or two to see if it can decide what it wants to do.

For some reason I thought I had some before and after shots of my balcony but apparently not. All I have is a dodgy camphone shot of the horrid concrete.


Yup looks much better now. Just need a bit more greenery and perfect. Or at least halfway to perfect.



The hiatus on the DIY front has been lifted. Well, not like it was self imposed. Bloody Masters ran out of timber I needed. For about a month. How that even happened… Either way it was annoying. My backlog of to do stuff was definitely not getting shorter. And my skills of procrastination did not need more practicing.

So my plan for the balcony was to rig up something to cover the damn air con unit. Coz it’s ugly. And I don’t like looking at it. And it’s a waste of space. So I need something a bit more practical.


Frame up, stained and sealed. Just gotta do a wrap around with some reed screen. And then reed screen the rest of the balcony. Oh yeah, Masters ran out of the size of reed screen I wanted. So they ended up giving me a longer height for the same price. The downside? Lugging 3 rolls of 1.8m reed screen in the car and up 2 flights of stairs. And the next part will be trimming it down. Granted the 1m I wanted was probably going to prove a bit short. So at least this way I get to choose whatever height I want. But still… extra work involved.

Fingers crossed for a dry few days. The recent bout of storms sucked. Though that meant I got back to redoing the silicone in the bathrooms. It feels like my life is an ongoing saga of siliconing and sealing. Given I spent about 2 weeks at my parents place doing that. Well when I moved in I was planning on redoing every bit. But by the time I did the important bits like the shower and the kitchen I was half over it. Which meant I had white silicone that really wasn’t white and got less and less white with time.


And that’s probably one of the deeper darker corners which is a bitch to clean. Hence dust and probably the startup of mould. Shh… don’t judge. Anyhoo, plus then getting an annoying cat as a roomie who, I must add, moults everywhere like crazy, not inducive to a siliconing mood. That and the fact I really hate who originally tiled the bathrooms.


Why hello random chunk of grout, what the hell are you doing there??? And in about a thousand other annoying places where grout has no right to be. You make removing old silicone so convenient. Scraping away with my little tool only to get suddenly stuck… again… Then having to re silicone over it. I did contemplate chiseling it off but that could’ve ended badly. I was tired and pissed off you see. Well now it’s all covered and no one needs to know. Until someone comes along in a few yrs and tries a reno. Then they’ll just have to wtf like I did.

2 days of curing and then I can seal. Meanwhile back to the balcony. And tick, tick, tick off the list.