Don’t think I made a resolution this year. Not that they really ever turn out well. Since I forget about a few months in if I’m lucky. Otherwise I just can’t be assed. So would my resolution have been to get fit? Well, probably not. But look new toy!


I guess I’ve been tossing up the idea of a smartwatch for a while. Except they’re all so damn big. And expensive. And I don’t really need all the crazy features. So after staring at the Vivosmart for a few months I decided to bite the bullet. And get it much cheaper off ebay.

The nifty little thing does what I need it to. Flashes up messages when my phone is on the other side of the room and buzzes me when my phone is otherwise on silent. Which is handy at work when my phone is usually stashed behind a computer somewhere charging away. As a plus it tells me what an utter failure I am at moving around. I swear I’m on my feet but it reckons I ain’t taking enough steps so it relentlessly badgers me until I do aimless loops walking around the house until it resets its (what I call the) lazy bum meter.

I’ll have to give it a week or so with the sleep tracking before I make up my mind whether it’s just wishy washy crap or not. Given I’m a light sleeper and I haven’t worn a watch to bed in years, I’m waking up just coz I’m wearing the damn bugger. On the plus side it shows me the crazy spikes at 3am where obviously my brain has decided nocturnal rest is for wimps. One day I’ll get a hang of this sleep thing. Anyhow wearing the Vivosmart is still better than having the phone on the bed. Which was what I was doing when trialling the Sleep Android app last year. Yep no… my bed is only large enough for me. Don’t need the hassle of rolling over the phone in the middle of the night, or kicking it onto the floor by accident.

Overall, I think it’s a cool little device. Early days though, so hopefully battery life isn’t the shithouse. Another reason for not getting an actual smartwatch is having to charge the thing everyday. Reason I got a phone with good battery life is so I don’t have to. Not going to add to my tech with something needs the extra attention.

Guess we’ll see if I can beat the random goal it sets me tomorrow. I failed miserably the first few days. Well actually no, I just didn’t wear it a full 24hrs once and then fiddled around with settings and somehow changed the time. Which reset my step counter for the day. Grr, first world problems. It gave me a crazy low 6768 steps today. Nailed it plus plenty. So yeah, we’ll see what tomorrow brings.


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