Cookie Disaster

Why did I end up buying 2L of eggnog? And then discover I don’t really like drinking eggnog? I have no bloody idea. So now I have a lot of eggnog. And a whole bunch of almond roca which have been sitting around melting for the past few months.


Which somehow ended up with me feeling creative and making the damn ugliest cookies ever!


I’m pretty sure that sets the record of the worst cooking fail ever. At least I can’t recall a worse one any time recently. So cookies were falling apart soft and crumbly. Actually kind of cake-like. Which is I suppose what happens to cookies with eggnog in them. And the almond roca just melts into a mess, more often than not leaving holes in the already structurally unstable cookie. Eggnog pound cake worked so much better. And considering there’s still another litre of the bloody stuff that’ll probably be where it will end up. Thank god I can dump crappy food at work and it all gets hoovered down.

Speaking of which, can I be on holidays again? Work is so blah. Over it. How many more decades do I gotta do this shit again? Ugh, why can’t I be rich enough to retire? Where’s my damn lotto ticket. Gotta be in it to win it. Or I could just go have another cookie.


New Year Apparently

How did we get half way through January and no one woke me up? I feel like xmas and new year was just a crazy blur. Did it really happen? Or was I half asleep and dreaming? I have no idea anymore. So as a semi late xmas present to myself I went out and bought some cheap art supplies.


Why? I guess I’ve just had the shits with my life recently for oh, say the last few years and felt I just needed something that was fun for the hell of it. No deadlines, no goals, just poking at something randomly to see what comes of it. I think it’s been about 10 years since I picked up a paintbrush that wasn’t of the paint walls and trims variety.


Not bad for mucking around doodling. Downside of cheap paint is a watery mess most of the time. I guess we’ll see how long this hobby of mine lasts before I invest too much into it. Probably wouldn’t mind getting back into oils but that’s a whole other ballgame.