Well we hit about 36 degrees today. I did promise during winter I wouldn’t complain about the heat since winter froze my ass off. I can so totally deal with the heat. By doing nothing. Almost…


I had a craving for laksa. Don’t know why since I was sweating through my shirt most of the day. Then again, KL had awesome laksa and that city was just an entire sauna in itself.


Never looks great when you’re simmering a whole bunch of fried tofu and processed fish. But man, does it taste good… And can I mention a cheap feed? That’s like 5 meals under $10.

And then to cool off


Whoever decided to make Snickers into ice cream seriously rocks. Can’t they do it in a tub though? Still find it funny it’s made in France. Of all places. And how is that cheaper than making it locally, when you have to fly it in from the other side of the world? God knows. Don’t care. Gimme my Snickers nom nom nom.

Someone else today went splat from the heat.


Which actually wasn’t a bad idea. Since I ended up taking a nap on the floor cause it was nice and cool. If my bed wasn’t so much more comfortable I could probably just sleep in the bathroom overnight. Meh,who am I kidding… I love my bed. Just might need to dig a fan out tonight.



So nothing says rental as much as vertical blinds.


Been living with that for over 12months and it was driving me nuts. Thought I had a photo of that angle post painting and floor change but apparently not. Anyway, between Sherlock and the sun the chain and weights were brittle and broken and the track would rattle every time the blind were drawn. So one day it disappeared…


Just ignore the fact that the curtains aren’t hemmed and are technically not wide enough for the space but who cares. Pretty blue curtains. Until Sherlock finds out the ends are held up by safety pins and figures out it would be fun to tear them all down. Lalala…

I can’t believe it’s mid November already. Soon it’ll be xmas. Though all the shops thinks it is already with the amount of paraphernalia they’re currently stocking. I miss being on holidays and overseas. Life is easier when I don’t have to deal with it. The daily grind sucks. More so since management has decided random changes are fun. Work would be so much easier if there were less useless roles for managers that don’t do anything. Us grunts get the shit and make the money roll in. And some cash cow rakes it in and turns around to tell us we ain’t doing enough. It may be time to move on. Well, maybe if I wasn’t so apathetic. It’s all too hard.