Shower Saga Over

Well I kid… but the really annoying shitty part is over.


Progress. This was an entire day of scraping silicone out of grout joins. Apart from dead arms and a dead back, it looks like nothing is different. But trust me, being able to actually see the crumbly old grout under that silicone is a godsend. Coz the getting rid of grout is so much faster. Given I’ve had practice with the dremel. After being snowed under by grout dust again, it was regrouting, then waiting for that to dry, then resilicone.


Tada! Pretty shower. Just don’t look too closely at the damn old silicone that just won’t come off. Potentially if it was MY shower I’d probably get every last bit off even if it took me another whole month. Victim of OCD. But it this case it just needs a coat of sealer in a few days when the silicone is cured. Oh and the pieces to be put back together again. Simple… now let’s see what can go wrong.

I found a bunch of old bed slats at parents.


Which meant I went and bought this…


online… without knowing how big it was. So umm yes, I’m not sure where in my apartment it’s going to live. And I’m sure it’s going to be a bitch lugging it up the stairs. But it’s awesome. It cuts like butter, just ignore the cliche. But man, me normally taking about 20mins to saw through a piece of wood takes less than a minute. It’s noisy as hell but hey, expected that.

In other news, guess who’s turning one?


The little monster is growing up. What else can he destroy now? Well no chance of that in a week. I’m flying out. Poor little guy will be boarding all by his lonesome self. I’m sure he’ll live. There’ll be plenty of chicken to get spoilt on. Damn thing better not get fat by the time I get back.

I think my brain’s already switched off into holiday mode. Not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing. Probably bad since I still need to get up early for work tomorrow.


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