Spring Sprung

It’s September… how… what…why… huh? I have no idea what happened to August. I suppose falling sick at the tail end of winter sucked. I really don’t remember hibernating. If I did then I wouldn’t have these fond memories of freezing to death. Of not being able to feel fingers and toes. Of huddling next to heaters trying to breathe. Ok yes I exaggerate, Sydney weather is far from harsh. But c’mon I don’t deal with cold well at all. If I had my way, I would be rich and skipping across hemispheres so I could chase the seasons. But sadly I’m not rich.

Though I can at least afford a holiday which is better than nothing. Itching to take off next month. Currently stuck housesitting for the parentals which is a chore in itself. But new project time.


This is their shower. Which my dad attempted to fix… or something. Silicone has been slathered on like there is no tomorrow. Actually scratch that, half of it isn’t even silicone. I have no goddamn idea what it is. The stuff is stretchy and sticky and removing it is like scraping gum off your shoe. Pain in the ass. And what exactly am I doing?


Getting rid of that! Ugh… the concept of less is more isn’t that hard. More layers of silicone or whatever the crap it was just means more spots for mould to pop up. Eww… I just… can’t even…


The only good news is the bits underrun by water and mould ripped out ok. The bad news is all the crap slathered everywhere else is a bitch to get off.

After about an hour


didn’t look that hard


Then a day and a bucket of mouldy silicone scraps later… still not done yet. Managed to get the door off to make things easier. Tried to take the panel next to the door off and the sticky gummy shit wouldn’t let me. Tried underrunning it a paint scraper but it wouldn’t bloody budge. At some point I was paranoid about busting the glass. In the end brute strength and levering with a scraper and a screw driver did the trick. Still need to scrape the shit off. And did I mention my dad siliconed the grout joins. I don’t know what’s worse. Finding fake silicone where it’s supposed to be or finding real silicone where there shouldn’t be any at all.

I’m tempted to flood the place with mineral turps. And then toss in a match. Well maybe not the latter. Actually depends on how many more hours it takes to clean this stuff off. Aim of the game is to redo the grout in the shower and then resilicone and seal. And then attempt to put the shower back together again. Oh boy… and I have a deadline.