Living On A Budget

Otherwise known as being a tightass. Maybe it’s just something ingrained into me since a kid. Just because you want something doesn’t mean you get it. Which is why it just annoys me when people who live pay to pay complain they’re broke, and yet still have fancy new phones and buy lunch everyday. Just because I’m a cheapskate doesn’t mean I live on instant noodles and tuna. Ugh… tuna. If it’s one fish I can’t stand cooked/canned it’s that. Anyway off topic. It’s all about working your dollar further.


You just gotta know when to shop (ignore the best before dates as this post is a few days late). Meat tastes fine after freezing as long as you cook it properly after you defrost it. So stock up on things when they’re marked down and you’re good to go. I’m trying to remember the last time I bought meat for full price. I think it would’ve been bacon and only cause even on special at the big two supermarkets, it’s still not as cheap as the nearby butcher for full price. And I love me my bacon.

To me it’s a simple concept. Money out being less than money in means savings. Not quite sure why it’s so hard to grasp for the majority of people. Same can be said about people stuck on losing weight. Unless you have a medical problem, calories in less than calories out means you lose weight. So either eat less or get off your ass or both. But that opens a whole other tin of non-PC worms.

Besides, being stingy in certain areas means you can splurge in others. To an extent. Like buying new toys.


So I suppose not everyone gets excited over kitchen appliances. But this thing is awesome. It means I can throw shit in and leave it instead of constantly checking on it over the stove and needing to stir or add water. And considering I got it for something like 40% off the RRP, it’s a bargain in itself.

That and an Ikea Expedit are the latest big purchases. For some reason I just got pissed off at almost hitting 7 months of being here and my books are still in boxes. Waiting for me to get shelves done would’ve taken god knows how much longer so I just bit the bullet. Though now I have no excuse to be lazy and need to actually unpack the last of my stuff.


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