Sick Again

It was coming. At least it’s just a damn cold this time and not that killer flu that flattened me last year. Still… it’s bloody inconvenient. The sore throat is gone, the sinuses are mostly clear, just the odd sniffle left. It just throws a damn wrench into the works. Sawdust and runny noses just don’t mix. Ick…

So instead of doing anything productive, I made this out of three spoons of self raising flour, two of sugar, a giant one of nutella since I have no cocoa powder, an egg and a dash of milk and oil.


Microwave mug cakes just look damn attractive don’t they? Well when you can’t be bothered ducking down to the shops for cake and don’t have enough ingredients for a normal one, this will do for a fix. Add some ice cream and you would never know it was ugly.

But seriously I have so much crap to do and this cold has made it impossible to be motivated.

To do:
* still have the last chair and table
* clip up tv antenna cable along skirting so cat doesn’t think it’s a toy
* shelves for that bookcase I still haven’t gotten around to
* cleaning and painting my milk crates which are still sitting in a tower next to my door
* changing the curtains to the balcony

Let’s see if I can get any of this done by Easter.


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