Salt And Sugar

I got suckered in by the salted caramel.


Salt. Sugar. Salt. Sugar. Just a little addictive. Though the Tim Tams were a bit meh. Needs more salt. And more caramel.

Sigh, Sydney weather has been a pain in the ass lately. Rain, rain, rain, a tiny bit of sun, and now I’m freezing my ass off. Perfect weather for hot chocolate and Tim Tams. And staring at my pile of stuff to sand. Yeah…


Rearranging The Kitchen

Yeah ok this wasn’t on my to do list. Or rather it was on my I’ll-eventually-get-there list but that stuff is meant to come after my actual I-need-to-get-this-shit-done-it’s-not-funny list. Especially since it’s coming up to me living here for six months and still not having finished half the crap I was planning to do.

To be fair, I did start sanding my last chair today. For about two hours until it started bloody raining on me. Sydney’s weather needs to make up its damn mind. It’s hot, then it’s freezing, then hot again, then bam crazy thunderstorm and no power for several hours yesterday. You’d think that would’ve gotten it out of its system… but no. Looked nice and sunny this morning, had me fooled. Then midday as I was taking a breather, holy crap it’s raining and all my stuff is getting wet…

So I ended up tackling this after lunch instead.


So what’s wrong with this picture? Just ignore the bucket/plastic bags on the left which is functioning as my kitchen bin. Shh… it works. The problem is microwaving anything from the kitchen side. I knew about it when I put the microwave there. But god it’s so annoying trying to pull something hot out of there when the door is in the way. Things need to move.

For ages I’d been getting the shits trying to find a powerboard that had individual switches and a cable at least 2m in length so I could stretch it to the fridge powerpoint. I managed to find one that was like $40. Like hell I’m paying that much. So I found one with a 1.8m cable for half the price. Which I then took to pieces trying to work out what I could do with it if the 1.8m wasn’t going to cut it (and given my 10m antenna cable was out by 1m I was really expecting the worst).


Except then it hit me… I have a powerpoint above the rangehood! Which I knew about the whole time (duh, I have boxes in that cupboard which means the powerpoint has been sitting there in front of me since forever). So why it didn’t click that I only need to stretch the power cord to there and not the fridge, I have no bloody idea. Now, it was just a matter of awkward drilling.


And then finding out the hole is too damn small.


Cue a bunch of expletives as that was the largest bit size I had. Then a bit of head scratching as I contemplated the options. The reasonably logical one would’ve been to go buy a larger bit. I decided to go with some artistic bending. Given my whole rewiring of the powerboard was illegal anyway…


Yay… then it was jamming all the bits into the powerplug and attempting to put that back together again. And once that was done, voila.


I have power where I need it. Moral of the story. When you have no idea what you are doing and things aren’t working, keep fudging it. It’ll either work or blow up in your face. And if it works, then I get a functional kitchen.


And if you peek out on the windowsill…


It’s a leaf!!! Trust me, that’s cause for excitement. I’ve killed a cactus before. I had a random piece of ginger that decided to grow buds on me before I could finish using it. So I buried it and now it’s sprouting! Eventually I’ll need to transfer it into a larger tub but let’s see if it plans on dying first.

And then after all that, it did stop raining (and to rub it in, the sun came out) but at that point I felt I had been the most productive I have ever been on a Sunday and called it quits.

Sick Again

It was coming. At least it’s just a damn cold this time and not that killer flu that flattened me last year. Still… it’s bloody inconvenient. The sore throat is gone, the sinuses are mostly clear, just the odd sniffle left. It just throws a damn wrench into the works. Sawdust and runny noses just don’t mix. Ick…

So instead of doing anything productive, I made this out of three spoons of self raising flour, two of sugar, a giant one of nutella since I have no cocoa powder, an egg and a dash of milk and oil.


Microwave mug cakes just look damn attractive don’t they? Well when you can’t be bothered ducking down to the shops for cake and don’t have enough ingredients for a normal one, this will do for a fix. Add some ice cream and you would never know it was ugly.

But seriously I have so much crap to do and this cold has made it impossible to be motivated.

To do:
* still have the last chair and table
* clip up tv antenna cable along skirting so cat doesn’t think it’s a toy
* shelves for that bookcase I still haven’t gotten around to
* cleaning and painting my milk crates which are still sitting in a tower next to my door
* changing the curtains to the balcony

Let’s see if I can get any of this done by Easter.