Cone Of Shame


Oh the cone of shame is so very entertaining. The little guy had his balls chopped off yester. He didn’t really need an e-collar. I just threw one on him so I could chase him around with the camera. Sadistic urges satisfied, he’s free again. Sigh, the little boy is all grown up. Well halfway there. He’s big thumping 3.5kg and maybe about 5 months. Hopefully he peaks at around 5kg. Otherwise, he’s going to get awfully heavy to lug around.


A Quiet One

Well someone’s been getting into mischief lately.


So someone is going to be naked until I’m bothered enough to buy a new collar. The little bastard has also been chewing my laptop cable. So there goes the idea of leaving it on charge when I’m not around. Nothing’s short circuited yet so hopefully nothing will.



That’s been my bathroom light for the past week. Randomly, one morning I wake up and the light is hanging. And I’m pretty sure Sherlock can’t reach up that high. So it was off to Masters again and getting headspin staring at the wall of plugs and anchors. The light’s back up now, at least temporarily anyhow; I think the screws might be a bit short for the anchors, but that can be another trip.

I’m trying to make this weekend a quiet one. Haven’t had one of those for a while.


So instead of crazy DIY, I’m attempting to make sticky rice while missing half the ingredients. Kinda worked…


Bit ugly but meh… it’s edible…

Getting There Slowly

Ugh work has taken over my life again. Is it ever going to slow down? Well, things have been slow on the DIY front. There’s work, and then there’s distractions.


This is where helping isn’t helping. Everything is taking longer than it needs to. True, I don’t have a deadline. But I just wanna tick stuff off my list damnit. Including just getting the bloody cleaning done.


At least in the past two weeks I’ve managed to get another two chairs done. So all up three down. Just one chair and one ugly ass table to go.


And yes, tv! Only took me almost five months. Though it’s not like I had a lot of time lately to watch tv. I suppose as I eventually tick things off my to do list I should have more time right? Unless I start finding other things to do. Or I get snowed under just keeping on top of cleaning.


That has been my entry for the past few days. Picked up some free milk crates which I’m going to get around to washing and then spray painting for some DIY storage. And yes the cardboard and foam is eventually going to make its way to the bins. When I have enough time to get down there and flatten everything so it all fits. Problem with apartment living. Sharing bins. Specifically sharing bins with people that don’t understand the concept of recycling bins. Trash goes in the normal bins. Recyclables go in the recycling bins. Not rocket science people.

Another problem is being able to hear neighbour’s phones vibrating. Not ringing, vibrating. I have concrete walls. WTF? I guess I’m just being a bit precious with my personal bubble lately. The problem with work is all the suppressed rage from dealing with morons. And what makes it worse is having to pretend these person aren’t morons. And I have a half day of work tomorrow. Goodbye part of my weekend.