Condensed Milk Cookies

Apparently condensed milk cookies are a thing. Who knew…


This was me attempting to use up the rest of the condensed milk that had been in the fridge for you-don’t-want-to-ask-how-long. There’s a bunch of recipes on the internet saying you only need butter, condensed milk and self raising. Well, that only works if you have enough butter. So me improvising meant throwing in peanut butter, and then cause chocolate rules, I was gonna throw in chocolate as well.

So in the end I had:

1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup condensed milk
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 1/2 cup self raising flour
1/2 cup chopped choc

1. Mix butter, condensed milk and peanut butter
2. Mix in flour
3. Mix in choc
4. 180C oven for 20mins


Note to self, when deciding to impromptu bake, one really needs more than one baking tray and one cooling rack. I ended up with giant ugly ass cookies. But hey cookies are cookies right?




Well, it’s been four months living here. And I’m getting around to the furniture collection. I must say I’m in love with the bargain corner in Ikea. Especially since normal Ikea prices are looking more and more expensive for what you’re getting. Though there are plus sides to flat pack furniture. One is you can fit a whole lot more in the car when everything comes in boxes. And you can attempt to haul about 80kg of furniture up two flights of stairs all by yourself (minus the interlude in the stairwell of being momentarily flattened by a box and manically giggling at the absurdity of it all). The downside is the mountain of packing afterwards.


Three trips to the bins later… But hey the front door is painted! OMG finally. I can stop staring at a half painted door. And I finally have all the masking tape off, since I couldn’t be bothered taking off the hardware and all. All the doors are officially done. Yes, four months, shhh… Technically I have the trim around the balcony doors, but that’s just trim, not door. And I need to replace the vertical blinds there with curtains. Just need to get around to taking them down and installing a curtain rod. Cause Mr Sherlock has taken to chewing the chain between the weights on the vertical blinds. Speaking of whom, he attempted to help with furniture assembly.


I suppose at least someone approves of the coffee table.


Preoccupied And Lazy

There’s a reason I haven’t been getting much done recently.


There’s only so much you can get done one handed while fending off a cat. It’s also fun fending off furry faces while trying to eat. And since everything seems to be a toy if it’s left on the ground, my kitchen currently looks like this.


Living in a perpetual mess is driving me crazy in some ways. Except I’m much too lazy to put things away only to have to pull them out again in a couple of days. Ugh, first world problems.


Starting to tackle the remaining doors. And no I didn’t remove the hardware. I figured I’d be a slow painter and I can’t really leave my front door with no lock. In hindsight, given that the horrid original colour still shows after two coats, I probably should’ve used an undercoat first. Instead, I’ll need to give them another coat or two on my next day off. Which I definitely need more of. I have no idea why work is so crazy lately. Maybe once school’s back people will have better things to do. Speaking of which, my neverending to do list isn’t getting any shorter.

Current list:
* ensuite shower – caulking/sealing
* transition trims (only ones not done are the bedroom ones, do 5cm wide trim even exist? damn awkward door frames…)
* quad – again all done except for just outside bedrooms
* recaulk kitchen
* pink slip and rego
* take my laptop in to get fixed

For Jan
* finish painting the last two doors – last coat
* more storage – thinking of picking up a second hand buffet/hutch
* refinishing the table/chairs – one chair done, am thinking of leaving table until I end up getting some pallets, so at least I have something to eat off in the interim

For Feb
* pick up some pallets – have an idea for a coffee table
* new shelves to reassemble old bookcase – should I go Ikea or get wood to stain?

A Chair

I have finished a chair. Yes, singular.


May have overdid the whitewash a little, was hoping for more of the woodgrain to show through. Except I was getting annoying yellow tones of the wood coming out. In hindsight, I probably should’ve have greyed the whitewash a little. But it was all becoming too much effort.


Still looks better that it used to. Another three chairs to go.

New Year, New Toy

So I’ve been hanging out for a drill since I moved. Kinda wanted a sander as well at some point.


The Black and Decker Matrix system looked interesting. I guess I’m a sucker for multi-tools. The sander has come in useful so far. That dining set I got about 3 months ago… getting around to refinishing it. Starting by taking apart and sanding down a chair at a time. And whitewashing it.


I’m getting there slowly. As with everything else I’m supposed to be doing. But it’s a new year. So new resolutions as everyone seems so fond of.


Starting with being more organised this year. We’ll see how that goes. And then there’ll be watching this little guy grow up.


He’s already getting bigger and bigger each week. One part of me wishes he would stay a kitten forever. But another part of me would like to be able to say goodbye to massacred rolls of toilet paper on the bathroom floor.


Ah, what the hell…he’s cute.