Showered With Grout

So I’ve figured out now that there is a limit to the amount of physical activity one can do before every muscle and joint starts complaining.


This was about as far as I got before I was getting RSI in my elbow, my back was sore and my feet were killing me. Yeah, didn’t get far at all. So much for thinking I could get it all regrouted within a week. Hmph…


Thank god for dremel attachments. Although, because someone couldn’t tile properly and none of the damn spaces between the tiles are consistent, I’m still needing to finish up with a hammer. Though at least things are going faster than with just the manual tool. Only downside to the dremel is crap goes flying everywhere and invariably the entire bathroom and I end up covered head to toe. But I am wearing safety glasses. Just not appropriate footwear. Who said you can’t operate machinery in thongs? Probably could do with a face mask as well but a chux tied over your mouth kinda works. Kinda.

I reckon one more day with the dremel will probably do it. Then another day for cleanup. Then another to grout. Then I can knock one more thing off the to do list. Problem with my scatterbrained approach is that I start ten thousand things instead of finishing off everything else.

Case in point. For the past two and half months my bathroom has looked like this.


Then I finally got off my ass and bought some jars.


There isn’t really that much paint but now at least I can bin the giant paint tins and actually be able to reach the toilet paper. Tick. Done.

One day I’m going to be able to live in a place that doesn’t resemble a construction zone.


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