New Roomie

Meet my new roomie, Sherlock…


And I’ll let you guess how far down my to do list I got. At least I managed to get over the halfway mark. Anyways, I got distracted.


My emo tree needed decorating. It’s got self esteem issues, it refuses to stand straight. The limbs are kind of uneven and all over the shop which makes the baubles look messy. Meh… oh well. It’s my attempt at getting into the festive cheer. Not that I care much about xmas anyway. Too many screaming kids and horrid remixed carols. But hey, I get the day off so not complaining.


To Do 2.0

So I’ve spent the past week playing aroung with regrouting. The process of grouting is actually a lot faster than the removal of old grout. Although I may have been just a tad over ambitious trying to grout an entire shower wall in 30 degree heat before going back over with the sponge. When the grout mix says wait up to 30 minutes before sponging don’t listen. Ended up trying to scrape dried off grout with my fingers until I gave up and went and dug out a screwdriver. Not fun. Once I worked out that if I’m overly cautious and just do a row of tiles at a time, things went much quicker. So now it’s a matter of waiting for the grout to dry, then I can caulk the joints and seal the shower.

Obviously my xmas deadline for my last to do list just isn’t going to work.

Version 2.0
By xmas
* ensuite shower – caulking/sealing
* transition trims (even if I double side tape the damn things down, I just need them cut and placed)
* quad – just need to attach them, painting can wait
* recaulk kitchen – may as well while I have the silicone out for the bathroom
* pink slip and rego – not related to diy but they’re due next week
* take my laptop in to get fixed

For Jan
* finish painting the last two doors
* new shelves to reassemble old bookcase
* get around to refinishing the table/chairs
* pick up some pallets – have an idea for a coffee table
* get rid of all the random boxes lying around of tools and crap
* continuing unpacking (I would say finish but I don’t want to aim too high)

And there’s nothing like an incoming roomie to get my ass into gear either.

Showered With Grout

So I’ve figured out now that there is a limit to the amount of physical activity one can do before every muscle and joint starts complaining.


This was about as far as I got before I was getting RSI in my elbow, my back was sore and my feet were killing me. Yeah, didn’t get far at all. So much for thinking I could get it all regrouted within a week. Hmph…


Thank god for dremel attachments. Although, because someone couldn’t tile properly and none of the damn spaces between the tiles are consistent, I’m still needing to finish up with a hammer. Though at least things are going faster than with just the manual tool. Only downside to the dremel is crap goes flying everywhere and invariably the entire bathroom and I end up covered head to toe. But I am wearing safety glasses. Just not appropriate footwear. Who said you can’t operate machinery in thongs? Probably could do with a face mask as well but a chux tied over your mouth kinda works. Kinda.

I reckon one more day with the dremel will probably do it. Then another day for cleanup. Then another to grout. Then I can knock one more thing off the to do list. Problem with my scatterbrained approach is that I start ten thousand things instead of finishing off everything else.

Case in point. For the past two and half months my bathroom has looked like this.


Then I finally got off my ass and bought some jars.


There isn’t really that much paint but now at least I can bin the giant paint tins and actually be able to reach the toilet paper. Tick. Done.

One day I’m going to be able to live in a place that doesn’t resemble a construction zone.

Things That Make Me Think My Place Had Dodgy Builders


So I’m onto fixing the next shower.


Some of the grout is cracked and the silicone job is a bit dodgy and now mouldy so I may as well regrout and then reseal. Plodding along nicely until I drop my grout removal tool. Multiple times.


So it was back to chiseling the damn stuff out with a hammer and screwdriver. Then what the hell do I find?


That to me looks like a spacer. A spacer used wrongly. And a spacer that no one removed before grouting. Then I found more. And yet somehow the tiles still weren’t straight. How the crap does one manage that? Probably explains why so much of the grout was cracked. Except they’re damn well impossible to pry out now, so looks like I’ll be leaving them in and grouting over the top of them. Le sigh. Removing old grout is boring work.


So when I tune out, I get my first casualty. Beyond caring at the moment. Progress after half a day is being covered by a heap of grout dust and managing to get about two rows down from the ceiling. Oh and did I mention, someone grouted between the wall and the ceiling. No words… really…