Inhaling Hydrocarbons

It’s been 12 hours and I think I’m still breathing in VOCs.


God this stuff is strong. Probably doesn’t help this bathroom doesn’t have a window. Running the exhaust and a spare fan hoping the bathroom will soon be safe to enter.


So finally got it resiliconed and resealed. No more mould. Hopefully in another 24 hours I can test it out and fingers crossed no leaks.


Showers And Pancakes

I can’t believe changing washers is illegal in some states. Given I can work out how to do it by playing around and using my beloved Google, if you end up flooding your house, well you probably deserve it.


So I had fun taking my taps apart and putting them back together again. No idea if leaking spindles are the cause of my leak but may as well go through and replace all the washers. Especially since I’m having trust issues with being told by various people it’s the waterproofing or it’s the shower. Common sense tells me yes waterproofing may be playing a part in letting the leak show but surely there is a source for the leak somewhere, and given I haven’t used this shower in over 2 months why hasn’t anyone suggested to check behind all the tapware? And since changing all the washers the doorway has been the driest it has been. So fingers crossed if it doesn’t get damp again in the next week then problem temporarily solved. And the waterproofing I can deal with later.

Next on the list is removing all the mould infested silicone and replacing it with new stuff.


Cause that is just plain nasty. I wonder how long after sitting in a cubicle scraping off that crap are you meant to start worrying about inhaling mould spores. Oh well, too late.


There are more important things to worry about in life, like making perfect pancakes to have with bacon and maple syrup.

As Advertised

Ya know, some things are like the photos!


It’s surprisingly when you’re delighted by the fact that the frozen pizza came out like the one on the box. Usually it ends up like some indistinct mass of oil and stretchy substance that vaguely resembles cheese on a soggy cardboard base.

Or maybe I’m just easily pleased after a crazy day at work. And it wasn’t even really that busy. But being rambled at by a client for an entire hour about not quite sure what just does my head in. My attention span for useless conversation is about 10mins max. Which is why I find the whole “how are you” exchange completely mundane and a waste of precious time when I get forced to do it multiple times daily.

So pizza for dinner is awesome. Now where’s that chocolate icecream…

Two To Go

Another three down.


So very bored with painting. Vodka makes it slightly less boring, but it’s still a pain in the ass. I don’t actually mind the physical act of painting, until my shoulder starts shooting pain just for fun… But when you stare at the time and an hour has passed and you’re still on the same bloody door, just wanna give up. It is worth it though. White doors are so pretty. If I was really bothered I would’ve sanded down certain sections and scrubbed the hardware while painting. But just being done is good enough for me.

Two Down

So I’ve noticed that the only time I can concentrate on doing stuff is when I’m not concentrating on doing it. Take for instance it being halfway through the month. I was going to spend spare time on nanowrimo. Well, I couldn’t concentrate. Instead I have two doors painted.


Well the ugly ass original colour was bugging me, not to mention my god awful cutting in while painting the walls. Though I figured I was painting over the trim anyway so what the hell. But then I got bored waiting between coats and stuck up my whiteboard (which isn’t really white… but I digress…) and figured I may as well start writing up my to do list. If I stare at it everyday maybe I’ll get something done. Or not. Chances are I’ll end up sidetracked at some point again.

But hey at least I got two doors done. They only needed about three coats each to stop the old paint showing, which only meant sleeping in a room of paint fumes as the unholy gods of weather decided to send around a thunderstorm so I couldn’t open any windows, and by the time I finished painting it was well and truly bedtime. But hey, only five more to go.


So the last week has seen me have a mental blowout from all the little things that add up. Namely being overrun at work and everyone else wanting a piece of me. Sometime I wish I could hideout on a island. Sadly, I’m not rich. And no matter how many times I wrack my brain over it, short of winning lotto I don’t see it happening in this lifetime. So we all just have to deal with our own little problems.

I’ve managed to score some breathing space these next few days. But DIY has gone on the back burner. While I stare at the paltry 1000 words I have for Nanowrimo. It probably isn’t going to happen this year with my late start and all. I just can’t quite get into the headspace I need. Usually it doesn’t take a great deal of effort slipping inside a character’s mind and playing out the bitter and twisted angst I have planned for them. There’s a hurdle now, like I just can’t quite commit, and then my attention just wanders. Well, I think if I manage to get halfway there at 25k words I’ll be happy. Now to get writing…