So one of the downsides of working a random roster is that weekends generally don’t feel much like weekends to me. And my “weekends” are usually all over the shop. So to have a Sunday that actually is a Sunday is awesome.

And what does one do on a Sunday?


Clearing out the fridge is a good start. Ham and rocket omelette with tomato here I come. And once that’s done, roadtrip to Ikea.


Cause building stuff is always fun. And who said you need two people to build a bed…


Tadaa! After over a month of living here I finally get a big-ass bed. So I can finally tick that off my to do list.


Entry – Done!


Well, ok the door isn’t painted but given what I started off with,


I’m calling it done for now. Technically the trim isn’t attached to the floor but I think I’m going to need to borrow a hammer drill to put the plugs in the concrete. Don’t quite think the dremel is quite up to the task. Although it did get me through the aluminium trim. Note to self, when cutting metal don’t wear shorts if trying to hold down the piece with your foot. Flying bits of hot metal hurt. Though short of wearing full welder’s gear I’m not too sure about the work around on that. Given I managed to get hit in the face a few times. But at least I was smart and actually went and got safety glasses this time around. Instead of wondering how long it would take before I cop it in the eye. See, I actually do learn. Somewhat.

So the quad is down and the skirting painted nearly all through. Still waiting for the bathroom to get looked at so any trim around the board in front the bathroom is going to need to be left til that’s done. I’m a bit stuffed with the bedroom doorways cause they’re a bloody annoying shape which means I’m going need to hunt down some 5cm wide transition trim which Masters don’t have. So someone will just need to hit up a Bunnings at some point.

Progress is slow… but at least it’s moving. I have an entry with clean pretty grout, I have trim down even if it isn’t secured and I have enough of the skirting done so I can actually put stuff up against the walls. Instead of floating crap out in the middle of the room. Which is a trapping hazard. Or a crashing hazard when you’re juggling bags of shopping. So yay… getting there, just slowly.

Quad And To Do

It took a while of tossing up between quad and scotia. Personally I’ve never really liked the look of quad but I didn’t want laminate-look scotia. So quad it is.


And what does one do on their $50 table? Paint quad. Doesn’t everyone?

Well I managed to get about half of it installed. Not only can I not saw straight, I can’t hammer straight either.


It may have only just been slightly better than 50/50. And the problem with cheap nails? Half of them don’t have much of a head, which makes pulling out bent nails just soooo much fun.

So I’ve moved in about a month now, and still trying to knock things off the list.

To Do:
* unpack – yeah, umm… not much progress since week two
* lay the final strip of flooring – done
* put in scotia quad – halfway there
* put in transition trims – bought, will go down as soon as quad done
* paint trims and doors – most trims done
* paint inside of built-ins – done
* get strata to check bathroom leak – emailed strata, awaiting reply
* redo/recolour grout in both bathrooms and entry – entry done, bathrooms will be done after leak is fixed
* redo silicone in kitchen and bathrooms – currently bottom of to do list
* throw out junk from previous tenant in carspace – done (who the fuck just dumps two car batteries, an old vacuum and a pram in a carspace?)
* acquire furniture – I have a table, bed’s next on the list

Chilling Out

So after a horrific 4 days at work I’m in need of some R&R.


I think at some point when I wasn’t paying attention someone switched my job title out to counselor. I really have no idea what’s wrong with people. This is not the face of someone that cares. Really… go find someone else for emotional reassurance. And then I wonder how these people manage to survive to adulthood and then god forbid go on to reproduce. Doomed… doomed I tell ya.

So I’m going to spend my days off doing what I do best. Being a social recluse. Cheers.

Furniture And Ribs

Yes, I have furniture.


Actually I picked this up off Gumtree for $50 about two days after I moved in. It has been sitting in the entry ever since. Partly as that was as far as I was going to be able to haul the damn thing. And partly as it was kinda grotty and gross and I didn’t want it anywhere near things that were clean. And yes, I just admitted that my entry isn’t clean. Well, it isn’t. Since I still haven’t gotten around to getting the trim down there’s a gap between the entry tiles and where the floorboards start which is bridged by a giant flattened cardboard box. And that’s how it’s been for the past three weeks.

Well, I finally got off my ass and went out to buy screws to replace some of the old ones. The table is still a bit rickety but it’s functional for now. Meaning I can stop using the kitchen as my dumping ground for everything. Eventually the plan is to sand down the table and either restain or whitewash or something. But after the chairs get taken apart and cleaned and reassembled. I’ve retightened all the screws but the dowel joints are loose and I’m seriously hoping none of these chairs decide to dump me on the floor any time soon.


And who the fuck puts grotty carpet on the ends of legs? I know some floors get scratched easily… but still… Someone must have nailed and glued this shit in a decade ago. This stuff does not want to come off. It can be a job for the Dremel one day when I’m bothered enough. Currently, buggered.

So what does one put on the table?


Ribs, glorious ribs!


So for the first time since moving in three weeks ago I finally got my shit together and managed to have a hot breakfast.


Bacon! Maple syrup! Yes, they make the world go round. Or at least my one. I need fuel for the day. A day of cleaning. You wouldn’t think a two bedder would need such constant cleaning. But the damn new carpet means fluff and dust are constantly settling in over everything. It’s driving me nuts. I’ve still got to haul the rest of the old carpet off the balcony. Should be able to get that sorted out today.

Right, time to stop procrastinating. Oh who am I kidding. More maple syrup… nom nom nom…