Plodding Along

Not working this weekend so getting my ass into gear and getting the damn built-ins painted. Then at least I can get around to unpacking properly. Maybe… well at least I’ll run out of legit excuses not to. Navigating around towers of boxes gets a little old. Especially when manoeuvring a giant ass clothes rack. My balcony is still covered in sawdust, so clothes are a strictly indoors item when drying. My balcony is also housing the remains of the old carpet and underlay. Forgot to add that to the to do list. To be fair I’m running out of large garbage bags to roll them into. I’m hacking them into pieces and hiding bits in the bins week by week since I don’t think body corp would be too impressed if I filled all the bins with carpet offcuts. But I have to say that things are on track.


The wardrobes just need a final coat tomorrow. Then boxes with things I don’t need or have nowhere to put can get shoved into there. That will clear up the living areas. Then I can get to work putting the trim down for the floors. I suppose at some point I should clear things off my bed. Some point before I sleep I suppose.


Well I had to chuck my crap somewhere since the wardrobe was unavailable. And see the lower clothes rail? I think I’ve hit my head at least five times on that today while cleaning, caulking and cutting in.


To Do List

So there’s a fair few things on the to do list. And having learnt from the my supposedly unrealistic expectations last time, I’m going to put the deadline way into the future. Like Christmas. Surely I can get everything I need to get done by Christmas. Here’s hoping.

To Do:
* unpack
* lay the final strip of flooring
* put in scotia
* put in transition trims
* paint trims and doors
* paint inside of built-ins
* get strata to check bathroom leak
* redo/recolour grout in both bathrooms and entry
* redo silicone in kitchen and bathrooms
* throw out junk from previous tenant in carspace
* acquire furniture – which brings me to the to buy list

To Buy:
* dining table/chairs
* bed
* sofa
* rugs
* shelving
* outdoor table/chairs for balcony
* step ladder
* random hooks and things to put things up

I’d like to point out I have started on the unpacking. It’s about as tedious as moving all the boxes in.


In the process of creating a cardboard box graveyard.

Home Sweet Home

Moved. Finally. I have a lot of crap. For someone who didn’t seem to have a lot of crap. It may not look like much in the photos but when you’re doing multiple trips up and down stairs, there’s a LOT of boxes. And so the saga of unpacking will begin. As well as a long to do and to buy list of a heap of other shit.


Yes, for now my furnishings consist of barstools, a beanbag and a picnic rug.


And my mattress is bedless and on the floor. And I will be living out of a suitcase and bags for a while. But that’s all irrelevant really.


And now I can crack out the drinks.

Day 10 & 11 – Floors completed

Well, I kinda lie. There’s probably about 3-4 boards that still need to be ripped but my saw was getting blunt. And it’s only for the strip in front of the balcony so not that big a deal to do later on. I’m thoroughly sick of sawdust at the moment. No matter how much I sweep up, the wind will find some more to blow around. And I already mopped the laid floor about three times now. But look… how pretty…


And what a labourious journey that was. I’m sure my biceps are twice the size they were before all these crazy renos. I have numerous bruises all around my knees from whacking myself and kneeling on boards. I somehow managed to get the back of my neck sunburnt while sawing all my boards. At least I won’t be VitD deficient now. Shame about the tablets I bought. It’s been fun though, and I probably would do it again. Just would be wanting a better workbench to do the cutting. And maybe a portable circular saw. Might make things a bit easier. And maybe some better aim.


Or the pull bar needs a bigger target to hit. My poor mallet has lost random bits of rubber all over my floor. And left black marks on my newly painted walls as I can’t aim my backswing either.

But yay, everything I need to do has been done. And if I actually managed to stay away from work for a full two weeks I’d probably be moving about now. Instead, I’ve got to wait til next week to get the carpet people in. Almost there.

Day 9 – Floors

So something called real life has smacked itself down right in the middle of my DIY storm. Trying to juggle this with work and a tight schedule just isn’t really working out all that well. Though all in all, it could’ve been worse. I could’ve given up. Especially how this particular board took me about an hour getting all the cutouts right.


This photo was probably after take three. I’m pretty sure I needed to adjust it again two more times. It was made particularly annoying as I’m using my painting platform and some cardboard boxes as a sawhorse which is totally the right height for my back (/end sarcasm). So I’m contorting myself into strange shapes trying to hold the damn board straight and attempting to support the bits that are floating so they don’t snap off, and I still have to saw in a straight line. Sort of… Sadly I’m not ambidextrous enough to saw with my left hand. Strangely enough, it’s my left shoulder that’s sore instead of my right.


Not bad progress for most of the day. The rest was running around trying to get carpet organised for the bedrooms. Hopefully two more days will see the end of flooring. Considering most of the work was cutting out for all doorways/trim in the hall, it should only get easier. Only about three boards to rip next to the kitchen and then straight laying until I hit the end of the room.

Day 8 – Beyond painting… finally…

Removing excessive amounts of grout refresh from tiles isn’t really much more exciting than painting.


This was about 40mins worth of scraping. I’m still a bit meh about the colour. I picked out “biscuit” as it was a kind of off-white beige colour which matched the kitchen cupboards. Which meant it looked good on the darker grey kitchen floor tiles. In the laundry compared to the white tiles, it just looks a tad too dark. I dunno… maybe it’ll grow on me.


All caulked and ready to receive the washing machine. Which was late. Unimpressed. Given I got a call in the morning saying delivery would be between 1-3pm. That’s a 2 hour window for you guys to hit. And me to aimlessly drift around in not being able to do much. So if you’re going to arrive at 4pm because of bad traffic then at least have the decency to call and give me a heads up. Cause once I finish ripping out the rest of the carpet, and pulling the tacking strips up, I can’t do anything else to the floor until you people come and go. I’m in love with the crowbar though.


It’s all about the leverage. In retrospect, perhaps it would have been wise to consider the tetanus risk before coming into contact with flying rusty nails. Considering I got hit in the face with one. Maybe I should wear safety glasses. Especially at the point where I was attempting to use a Dremel to cut one down as the head was missing and the rest wasn’t going anywhere soon. There were pretty sparks though.


But half the underlay is down. Progress!


And whitegoods! One step closer to moving in.

Day 5, 6 & 7 – Painting marathon

Had to go back to work today cause I can’t take 2 weeks leave without the place falling apart. Nah, just kidding… maybe a bit. Feels weird going from being a recluse sniffing paint fumes to merging back with society. This morning did see me running for coffee before dealing with people.

But the last few days has been an endless run of painting. Seriously did not think it would take be an entire week to paint a 2 bedder. Wow… is all I can say. And meh… Although there were highlights.


What happens when you’re getting blisters from painting and don’t have any bandaids? Wad up some paper towel and attach it with some painters tape. Tada. Disaster averted. Well, exept for the fact that the blister still exists.


And I may have made the least intelligent decision of all time. Some tins of paint fell out the back of a van as the lights changed. The lane next to me was blocked up so there wasn’t any way to swerve around. So instead of reversing away from impending doom I attempted to drive over them. To the horror of everyone else queueing at the intersection. Some dude was waving frantically for me to reverse. Well, I ended up reversing. Turns out driving a 4wd doesn’t give you the clearance to make it over paint tins. I also now have paint all over my wheel arches and a few streaks on the body. Spent a very precious hour of my painting time attempting to hose paint off my car. I have a feeling it must be enamel. Sugar soap and pressure got half the buildup off but it won’t come off the body of the car. Great. Now I’m going to have to go get the car professionally done. I did contemplate breaking out solvents but at the rate that things aren’t happening to plan in my life right now, chances are something will just explode.


But last night at 11pm, I finally put down my paint brush and roller and went OMG walls are DONE. In conclusion, this painting mission has been epic. Would I do it again? Probably… considering it costs about 3 times as much to pay someone to do it. And I have a strange masochistic streak that revels in killing myself over over-ambitious plans.

Though I did find something else to complete (well almost) apart from painting. Got some Mapei Grout Refresh and went over the grout in the kitchen and laundry.


They need to come with a warning about the mess you need to clean up afterwards. The bloody stuff dries into slivers while you scrub at it. And instead of sticking to the wet cloth so you can wipe it up, it ends up sticking to the tiles. So solution is to wait until it dries and then scrape it off the tiles so you can sweep/vacuum it up. Which still needs to be done. And the edges of the laundry caulked, and the trim painted in the fridge space. Before the fridge and washing machine arrive tomorrow. Yikes.