Day 1 – Keys!!!

Keys!!! I have keys… now the DIY saga can begin.


The crappy phone pic I took before I got all excited and started dumping shit everywhere doesn’t do the horrid peach colour of the walls any justice. For some reason all the photos show the colour without the hideous pink tinge. Whoever thought it was a good idea to paint the place that colour obviously didn’t have to live there. And whoever did the painting… umm… you take the faceplates off BEFORE you start splashing colour around.


Honestly, that’s just a sloppy ass job. Along with the fact that hardly anything is square in this place. I’m blaming the walls. How else can you not tile in a straight line with respect to the kitchen cupboards? And for some reason the cornices are dropping. And yes… all these things I did not notice when I decided to pay for it. Oh well, it makes for entertainment. However, I did noticed the dent in the ceiling. I’m not quite sure how one dents a ceiling, but there’s a bloody decent sized one there. And double sided tape randomly stuck on the cornices which will need to get scraped off.


Fun times ahead… Especially when it involves getting violent with the old carpet. Progress and end of day 1.


And just cause I can… the premove pantry consists of drinks and snacks =)



New lappy

So three months without a lappy I finally get around to getting a replacement.


Ain’t she pretty? Well kind of… Had issues finding a lappy to satisfy my anal retentative requirements, one of which was normal sized arrow keys. That ended up ruling out most brands and anything under a 14 inch screen. Haswell was taking its time getting onto the market so I just gave up and got a cheap refurbished Asus. Warranty is 12 months so even if this lasts me 2-3 years I’m still ahead. For a refurb, it’s in pretty good shape. The surfaces were a little grimy but nothing a bit of spit and elbow grease won’t fix. There’s one tiny scratch on the lid but unless I’m staring at it, it’s not that noticeable. Plus I have my eye on some laptop skins to change the look anyway. My main petpeeve about the S400 is the shallow keyboard. There’s not much travel and half the time my spaces aren’t registering as you really need to aim for the centre of the spacebar, and firmly at that. I suppose it’ll just take getting used to. It’s got to beat typing on a tablet and I got used to that.

On that note, how long does it take to get used to Windows 8? OMG did whoever invent it go out of their way to make things complicated? Yes metro looks nice… but switching between that and the desktop interface is doing my head in. Especially when you have apps, and then desktop apps. And random hidden menus. At least it has the customisation thing going for it.

Now to spend more hours playing around with rearranging my tiles…


The problem with not having been sick for the last two years is that feeling of invincibility you get. And then you get really really sick straight afterwards. The flu sucks. Majorly. At least I’ve stopped going through tissues at the rate of a box a day. And at least I can leave my bed for more than half an hour without the urgent need to crawl back into it. And at least I haven’t gone off food although my sense of taste is still a bit warped. Because that would really suck. It still sounds like I’m coughing up half a lung but I’m hoping that’s the last of it. 

Sociopath – not quite

Introspection is the bane of my sanity. The realisation has been creeping up on me recently… that I’m not quite as sociopathic as I think I am, or like to think I am. I still stand by utilitarianism. Useless people should be banned from popping out crotchspawn, I’d even go as far as wishing they were permanently castrated. Just so we don’t take any chances. Or they could just cease to exist. I’m sure there’s some egocentricity in all those thoughts. But then there’s empathy. I can’t say it’s a new thing, but maybe its significance is. How do you hate people you feel sorry for? Maybe that’s where the narcissist comes in and calls it pity instead. I suppose the label isn’t so important in the end. Sometimes I wish I was the sociopath I could be. Life would be easier if I could just have an excuse to not pretend anymore. I’m sick of society’s constructs. I’m sick of having to function within them, and yet I’m sick of other people unable to do the same. Sometimes I wish I could spend forever in my bubble. Where no one talks to me and I just talk to myself. Now that would be the epitome of sanity.