And… another spanner in the works. My faith in people has reached an all time low… again. I hate how society these days caters to the dumbest common factor and all the morons in life get an advantage over the rest. It’s frustrating to the nth degree. How I wish I could afford my own island and just barricade myself from the world. It would remove a great deal of angst from my life. I know I like my angst but going through your day wanting to strangle everyone you meet but not being allowed to is just a tad painful. So now I have to sit on my hands for another 2 months while other people get their shit together. Would be so much easier to just shoot them. Except then I’d have to get the blood off the walls…


Planning – why bother?

And so all plans go astray. Story of my life. It puts procrastination to good use at least. I hate being trapped in limbo though. I go nuts trying to think about everything so I dont need to think about anything at all. And somehow in my mind that logic makes perfect sense. I would prefer an off button to this tangled mess. Instead I have to deal with this bloody endless train of thought as a lullaby to my insomnia. Really… do not need this right now.

So I’m bored and frustrated and pissed off at anyone dumb enough to cross me. But the show must go on. Must plod endlessly to the light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s hoping the damn light is still there by the time I reach it. If I have to stumble around in the dark, I swear I’m going to take a sledgehammer to the walls. Barriers be damned, I’m going to go live my bloody life as I want to.

Hmm… famous last words?