Inertia – when apathy wins and it’s just easier staying put

Anticipation – that weird feeling where you can’t decide if time needs to run faster or slower

Countdown – time definately needs to run faster

One month to go…



So… did it work?

Can’t say I feel a great deal calmer, but I suppose the inner rage has come down a notch or two. I’ve got a little more grip on the apathy and can let things glide past without feeling the overwhelming urge to scream.

The trip was good though. Despite the bedbug massacre. And the close encounter with potential death involving a bike, traffic and a tiny tunnel. And stairs… lots of stairs. It was fun. It was away from reality.

Back to the grinding 9-5 now. Or in my case the more often that not the 8-7.

Looking forward to a change in the next month or two. Need to escape this limbo I’m stuck in. I need to live.