Verbosity – giving words to my internal monologues

It’s been a while since I’ve had a blog. Years, in fact. I’m just at place now where my mind is a mess of thoughts all rolling around and somehow words on a screen help to straighten things out a little. However vague my writing tends to be.

I’m at the point where I feel close to burning out. Not from working, although I suppose that’s one aspect of it. It’s just having to deal with people. To be brutally honest, as a general rule I don’t like people, at times I even hate people. The inner cynic in me cringes as the world collapses, doomed with the plummeting human IQ as dumber and dumber people breed. It amazes me how some people manage to function enough to survive into adulthood. The fact that laws are made to cater to the dumbest subset of the population doesn’t help things much at all. Why can’t the rules of Darwinism just wipe these people out? Hell, I’d castrate them for free.

So yes, I need a holiday to reset the rage-o-meter. I seriously swear it’s not a superiority complex but I just can’t help coming across incompetent people every day of my life. Yeah, I occasionally have my blond moments but we’re talking about common sense and logic here that the general population lacks. Apparently not so common at all.

I hate people and I’m flying out to a noisy overcrowded Asian metropolis. That’s smart… really… I can’t explain it. I guess it has something to do with the fact it’s so overpopulated, you become anonymous in the crowd, and for all intents and purposes you may as well be alone. And at least Asians understand the concept of efficiency. To the point of rudeness at times. But hey, at least I’m not paying for the service.

So what am I hoping for? To come back refreshed, and back to the blank slate of being apathetic. Where I don’t feel like the world is out there to piss me off one person at a time. Is it going to work? Or am I just irreversibly old, bitter and twisted? Hell, who knows. Let’s see what happens…